• Lasts up to 10 times longer than normal washers
  • Cannot be damaged by tenant over-tighteningOver-tightening destroys all other washers & is the reason that taps drip. SuperWasher is the only washer that cannot be over-tightened.
  • Protects & adds years of life to tapsAll ordinary washers wear away the tap every time the tap is turned on & off.Eventually the tap needs to be replaced. SuperWasher protects the tap seat from wear & extends the life of tap ware indefinitely.
  • Fixes ALL leaking taps

For the Home Owner

Over several years SuperWashers can save a homeowner a lot of money due to the cost of leaking taps.

Beyond the cost of water on our rates bill, there is also the additional cost of washers, plumbers call outs and the potential damage to tap ware caused by worn or badly seated washers.

SuperWasher protects the tap seat from wear & extends the life of tap ware indefinitely.

Strata Managers

These washers are amazing, they can not be damaged by tenants over-tightening, hence less agro from landlords!

They have been tested to 50,000 cycles @ 80˚C with zero leaks detected.

Protects & adds years to the life of tap seats & also available in 6, 9, 12 LPM flow rates.

We are so confident that these washers will stand up to the test of time we are offering an unheard of 5 Year No Leak Warranty.


I would love the opportunity to come to your office & show you how they work & even install a pair free of charge. You will see & feel the difference between these washers & the ordinary washers all other plumbers in the area are installing.


Labour costs are 95% of changing washers… so it’s smarter to use SUPER Tap Washers because it lasts up to 10 times longer than normal washers.

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