Grey Water Recycling System

  • Would you like to water your garden every day?
  • Would you like to wash your car whenever you want?
  • Do you care about the environment and saving water?

The NovaGrey can recycle up to 1100 litres per day of your household grey water to a very safe standard, enabling you to use it to flush household toilets, for garden irrigation, external hosing, and even clothes washing in the laundry, subject to your local regulations.

The NovaGrey doesn’t just divert grey water. It treats it, cleans it and turns it into high quality, 99.999 per cent germ-free water that can be recycled and re-used again and again.

Designed and manufactured in Australia by WaterGurus, the NovaGrey grey water recycling system uses the latest water recycling technology with an advanced, chemical-free treatment process to provide your household with safe reusable water that can be used again and again, even during water restrictions.

What Recycled Water is Suitable For?



NovaGrey is suitable for installation in all areas (including sewered and unsewered). It can recycle up to 1148 litres of grey-water per day, producing high quality, recycled water ideal for:

  • use in the laundry
  • flushing the toilet
  • watering the garden
  • washing your car
  • external hosing

The system can save around 600 litres for the average household every day.

The System



NovaGrey is a streamlined domestic grey water recycling system that can be neatly installed above ground, beside your home with minimal excavation.

NovaGrey uses advanced membrane technology which acts as a barrier to ensure only pure and safe water passes through for re-use. The membrane pores are 5 times finer than bacteria resulting in safe clean water for your reuse around the home.

Being only 1410 mm tall, 750 mm wide and 850 mm deep, it is designed to be slim and unobtrusive and easily installed above ground next to your house. The system is odour- and noise-free and, made from low density polyethylene, it comes in four different colours – green, blue, grey and cream. It hibernates, saving energy and electricity, when not in use and requires only three services a year.

How the System Works



A collecting sump is installed to collect all the grey water from the shower and laundry of the home.

This sump is typically just 300 litres, easy to install and has an overflow to sewer or treatment system.

The sump houses a submersible pump to transfer the grey water to the NovaGrey Treatment System.

The grey water is then transferred to the primary tank for filtration and disinfection then onto a re-use holding tank

The Step by Step Process


  1. Grey water discharge from the house is sent to a collection well (underground pit). This collection well is designed to have an overflow to sewer to cater for high flow periods of the day.
  2. The NovaGrey system, on demand, activates a pump within the collection well that transfers the untreated grey water from the collection well and feeds it into the primary tank (MBR).
  3. Once the grey water has been transferred to the MBR it undergoes a constant aeration process that provides the first level of biological treatment for the grey water.
  4. The grey water is then transferred (via suction) through the 7 flat sheet 0.2 micron membranes housed within the MBR. This clean water is then pumped through a UV disinfection unit which provides the final stage of disinfection.
  5. The clean water once pumped through the UV disinfection unit is then stored in the internal effluent tank (IET).
  6. When the IET reaches an adequate volume a float switch activates the internal effluent pump (IEP) which then discharges the treated water through the household re-use storage tank.

Ten Great Reasons to Invest in Water Recycling

  1. Save money and water by recycling and reusing all of your household grey water
  2. Great for the environment with a small footprint and chemical-free process
  3. Looks great in your backyard
  4. Choose from four different colours
  5. Completely odour free
  6. Minimal noise, you won’t even know it’s there
  7. Have a lush, green garden, regardless of water restrictions – perfect for outdoor entertaining
  8. Only required three services a year
  9. Proven and reliable MembraneSafe™ technology
  10. Energy efficient, the NovaGrey hibernates when not in use

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