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Plumbing Repairs

At NCP, we take our drain cleaning seriously.

  • We clear the drain with Water Jetter state-of-the-art technology.
  • We use advanced CCTV Cameratechnology to capture an image of the problem area. This removes all guess work and gives you factual evidence for any remedies required.
  • Give you a link to view the drain blockage before major repair work commence.

By investing in this equipment there is no more guess work - this will guarantee you peace of mind that the job was necessary and then done right.

Water Jetter Drain Clearing

NCP utilises the state-of-the-art Water-Jetter technology for clearing sewer lines and clearing blocked drains. No longer will you have to put up with grease, debris, roots, sand or dirt blocking your drains.

Water Jetter clears blocked drains safely, leaving the pipes safely intact and clean.

  1. Pulverizes roots and blasts them down the drain, the traditional eel drain cleaner will only bore through leaving root mass behind!!
  2. Faster, in the time it takes to set up and perform 1 clearing pass of the drain with the traditional eel drain cleaner, you can perform 3 passes with the jetter
  3. The Jetter technology penetrates and emulsifies grease
  4. Jetters will breakup sludge and debris and ensure it is washed away
  5. The innovative cutting heads ensure hardened scale is removed
  6. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to easily access confined areas – ensuring no corner, twist or turn is missed.
  7. Clears up to 60 meters of drain from one set up point
  8. The innovative rotating heads have been engineered to clean the entire diameter of the drain

WaterJetter Vs Electric Eel.

The conventional method of clearing drains is the electric eel (the tool most plumbers use). There are many places an electric eel cannot go, yet the Water Jetter hose can traverse these with ease. It does the job more effectively and efficiently. With the use of root cutting turbines, a drain cleaned by our high pressure water jetter brings the pipe back to almost new condition. There is no scouring or left over debris, basically, you have a 30% cleaner drain than using the "old fashioned" eel. The is also a high risk of the electric eel fracturing or braking the pipes.

CCTV Camera Pipe Inspection

A CCTV inspection (our eyes underground) provides very accurate diagnostic reports, including exact pinpointing of the problem causing the drain to block.

On the spot recommendations & costs can be given to repair the problem or carry out regular periodical maintenance.

Be cautious of other plumbing firms who suggest renewing all of your pipes unless they have fully diagnosed the problem - in most cases renewal is not required. Only a small percentage of all jobs carried require digging.

We provide you with information about your drains whilst we are on site, so any questions you have can be answered by the servicemen in attendance.

We use Nature Coast Plumbing on a regular basis. Brendan and his team have saved us time, money and a lot of headaches since purchasing their new high pressure jetter, CCTV camera & pipe locator. They have recently used this equipment to map out our below ground sewer lines throughout the park, locating junctions & inspection openings - previous to this we had no idea. They found cracked pipes due to tree roots and some other sewer lines actually had backfall due to subsidence. They provided us with a video and audio documentry stating distances & depths of our sewer lines which has taken the guessing game out of locationg these pipes & saving us countless hours of labour. Their service is very professional and we found their charges resonable. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Lindsay & Roy - Dolphin Beach Holiday Park posted December 4, 2012